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Anonymous asked: you should have a weekly blog here on tumblr..you're writing skills are awesome..

hahhahaha wauu tnx a lot :P yeah I would do that If I had time -.-

maybe when I finish highschool(one year more to go! >.<) I will make your wish come true! but until then …….please hang in there with my delays >.<

hehhehe thank you again :)) I feel happy hih

Anonymous asked: describe 5 moments that completely changed your life

hahha wow sorry for the late reply XD lately im not much on tumblr >.<

 huh………idk. even know if I have 5 of them XD hah okay I’ll try :)

they”re not exactly “moments” but —->encounters, choices and things that changed me(not in that second but after months, years.)

first one that changed my life and me was at the end of fifth grade (I wrote it in previous questions —> dont know exactly in which one T.T)….when I found out in Tamara’s diary that im not her best friend anymore and that I actually never was one to begin with…..(its really stupid and naive actually but it meant a lot to me)…after that I changed. At first I thought ‘yeey we will be best friends until we die haha “proud of herself”, she couldnt possibly hurt me heh, after all we are so happy when we are together and blablabla so on….. but it wasnt like that “sigh” so after I found that out, my visions and opinios on friendship changed completely.

Second is Anime!!! —-> yap they totally changed me, on positive :D im so happy they exist XD (bless the person/people that made them haha)

third was when I met Manca(also at the end of fifth grade……shit all happened so quick hah) (I met her through anime, so they are kinda connected :), she changed me so much and im really happy for it(all the memories and stupid things we did together heh)

4th is when I fell in love with Ažbe. I liked him for 4 years and I grew up with this feelings, so……. I think he kind of helped me change and experience things on love side(even though it was unrequited but still I count that heh :)

and the last one 5th is when I met Megan in highschool(first year), I think I changed the most up till now because of her. We are still friends and I appreciate all the time and things we did together. TNX DUDE IF YOU READ THIS, I LOVE YOU!(friendly of course)….haha yeah…”khm” 

eniway I think this is it…..yeah this is it hih, again sorry im late! lalala tnx for the question :DD